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Moratorium on new manuscripts.
Due to the overwhelming number of manuscripts that have been submitted, we will not accept any new manuscripts until we have published all of those that have already been submitted. The moratorium may last for many months as we catch up with our backlog and revamp our system to better serve the authoring community.
If you would like us to notify you when we do accept new manuscripts again, please send an email with "New manuscript" in the Subject heading to:
You will not get a response email from us, but will automatically be placed into our list to be notified when the moratorium is over.

Bring your book back into print for free and start earning royalties once again. IndyPublish will repackage your book and introduce it back into the global marketplace.
The rights to your book must have reverted back to you from the original publisher in order to bring your book back into print. You must also be able to provide 2 copies of your book in good condition to IndyPublish.

Simply choose a Back-in-Print package below that's best for you and Get Published Now! In addition, you may select items from our Add-on Services menu to add to your package as desired.

Back-in-Print Basic - FREE!
Bring your book back in print for FREE!
IndyPublish will design a new 4-color cover
Submit your own graphics for the cover
IndyPublish will process all interior graphics present in your original book
The Basic Package grants IndyPublish the exclusive license to publish the Work

Back-in-Print Plus - $99
Includes all the same services as Back-in-Print Basic but allows you to retain the exclusive license to publish the Work

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